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Girl sitting in grass with her books laying next to her Girl sitting in grass with her books laying next to her

Cheers to the 2019-2020 Scholarship Recipients!

Click the scholarship name to expand it and see the recipient names.

Every spring, we put together a list of last year's Scholarship Recipients.  We wait until spring of the next year to make sure we catch every scholarship recipient we can!

And thank you to our many generous Emergency Aid donors!

These emergency aid funds help our students overcome today's struggles so that they can focus on their futures.

A. Nanny Mouse Scholarship
Basic Skills Scholarship
BECU Scholarship
Biella Foundation Community and Technical College Scholarship
Charlotte Stenzel Scholarship
Charmaine Kolb ESL Scholarship
Project Finish Line
Fette Fund for Veterans Scholarship
G. O. Roth Scholarship
Hagan Student Book Scholarship
Klaue Family Scholarship
Pend Oreille Valley Book Scholarship
Pullman Center Scholarship Fund
Pullman Child Welfare Parent Aid Scholarship
SCC Emergency Aid Scholarship
SFCC Emergency Aid Scholarship
Tara Praeger Sims Memorial Scholarship
Women Helping Women Scholarship
Steve Willett Memorial Scholarship