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SFCC students at an outside table SFCC students at an outside table


We love partnering with our colleagues across the district to support our students. We know how important your projects are and that the state can’t always cover those costs. Through our grants, awards, and program support funds, we work with you to make those opportunities a reality!

During this year's campaign, employees raised over $12,000! 

From October 26-30, through payroll deductions and one-time gifts, CCS employees came together to provide the support our students need.

Did you know that our Mini Grant program has given over $239,000 to student learning projects that the state can’t pay for? Or that the Foundation awards $50,000 each year to explore and create new learning opportunities through our Welty Award? Last year alone, our Amplify Fund gave over $659,000 in cash and non-cash (like equipment) support to CCS programs.

To strengthen our teamwork, we’re launching the CCS Employee Giving Circle! We’ll work with members of this Giving Circle to include your expertise in our sponsored workshops and partner on important projects.

We know that this Giving Circle will increase the impact of your gift. After all, when we work together, we open doors for our students.