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Dr. Sam Selinger’s education includes degrees from Princeton University, Johns Hopkins University, Massachusetts General Hospital, University of California at San Francisco and the Community Colleges of Spokane!  “My first official introduction to the community colleges was Computer Kindergarten – a night class I took at the Hillyard Center,” Dr. Selinger recalls.  “It was wonderful!” Computer Kindergarten, and subsequent exposure to what CCS offers students and the community, resulted in Dr. Selinger, with his wife, Rosemary, establishing the Selinger Career Transitions Endowment and Scholarship Fund with the CCS Foundation.

Dr. Selinger took note of community college graduates during his career as a cardiothoracic surgeon, describing Spokane Community College’s allied health programs as being so important to the medical community in and around Spokane, exclaiming “It’s really quite exciting.”  In 2008, the Selingers established the scholarship and endowment fund. As Dr. Selinger describes it, the scholarship endowment is a niche where “we feel we are changing people’s lives, helping them get into the workforce and helping them get the skills they need just as much as I needed computer skills at that point in my life. It worked.”

The Selinger’s fund generously provides scholarships to people who have completed the colleges’ Career Transition program. The six-week program prepares people whose life circumstances prevent them from attending college or getting training they need to enter a career path.  Rosemary says that, “Our desire is to make some change in the community, improve things for others.  The community has been so good to us.  We’ve benefited so greatly living and working in Spokane. It’s nice to give a little bit back and make a difference, we hope.”

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