scholarship and endowment funds

These are the current scholarship, endowment and program support funds at the Foundation. If you have any questions or need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Scholarship Funds

AAUW (Spokane Branch) Scholarship
Chip Abrams Memorial Scholarship
AGC Civil Engineering Scholarship
Alumni Association Scholarship
Amerigroup GED Scholarship
A. Nanny Mouse Scholarship Fund
Erik Anderson Memorial Scholarship
Dee Arkell Scholarship
Associated Industries Bright Promise Scholarship
Avista’s Bob Smith Memorial Scholarship
Robert V. Baker Scholarship
George Banat Cyrus O’Leary’s Pies Scholarship
Lee & Gertie Banks Scholarship
Basic Skills Scholarship
BECU Completion Scholarship Fund
Biella Foundation CTC Scholarship
Blood Center Foundation of the Inland NW Phlebotomy Scholars
Boiardi Scholarship
Boys & Girls Club Scholarship Fund
Walter Caleson Scholarship
Janice, Bruce & Charlotte Campbell Memorial Scholarship
Catron Scholarship
Chatman Books for Warriors Scholarship
Cheney Environmental Association Scholarship
Classified Staff Scholarship
Colville Center Book Scholarship
Cosmetology Scholarship
Mary Crouse Memorial Scholarship
Daybreak Scholarship
Chef Ray Delfino Memorial Scholarship
L.M. Dickson Memorial Scholarship
Gary Douvia Scholarship
Drama Scholarship
Dennis Dunham Scholarship fund
Early College High School Scholarship
Early Learning Center Scholarship/SFCC
Eikrem Scholarship
Electronic Scholarship Fund
Embanet/John Thompson Scholarship
Emergency Scholarship (SFCC & SCC)
Emergency Scholarship for Developmental Education
Glenn E Emmons Graphic Arts Scholarship
EWI Matching Scholarship fund
Family Farm Forestry Scholarship
Family Learning Organization Scholarship
Fine Arts Student Scholarship/SFCC
Fluid Power Scholarship
Focus Award Scholarship Fund (CTE)
Footsteps to Follow Scholarship
Fostering Excellence Scholarship (SCC & SFCC)
Garco Construction Scholarship
Gardeners of Cheney Scholarship
Grainger Tools for Tomorrow Scholarship
Graphic Design Scholarship
Gregg, Bob & Margaret & Carrie Scholarship
Group Health, Health Science Scholarship
Gene Haas Foundation Machinist Scholarship Fund
Hagan Student Book Scholarship (SCC & SFCC)
Mark & Lori Hall Scholarship
Jacqueline Hanke Memorial International Student Scholarship
Raymond & Lois Hanson Academic Work Scholarship
Linda Harrison MD scholarship
Spencer Haugh Memorial Scholarship
Health Sciences Scholarships
Heavy Equipment Scholarship/SCC
Helveticahaus Scholarship Fund
Lucinda Cox Higley Memorial Scholarship
Horticulture Scholarship Fund
Hospitality Management Scholarship
Alvina E. Howe Memorial Scholarship
IEL Scholarship Fund
Integrated Business Entrepreneurship (IBE) Scholarship
IWFS, Spokane Branch Culinary Arts Scholarship Fund
Hobart Jenkins Memorial Scholarship Fund
Melanie Johnson Memorial Scholarship
Walter S. Johnson Scholarship
Johnston-Hanson Foundation Scholarship fund
Kaiser Manufacturing & Technology Scholarship
Dennis Keen Memorial Scholarship
Diane J. Keller Celebration of Life Scholarship
Kendall Family Scholarship
Ed Kiemle Memorial Scholarship Fund
Kiwanis (Spokane) Charities Scholarship
Klaue Family Foundation Emergency Scholarship
Charmaine Kolb ESL Scholarship
Kowitz Scholarship for Sustainability in Food & Farming
Jo Krogh Memorial Scholarship
Cory Lux Memorial Scholarship
Paul & Janet Lydig Scholarship
MAC Tool Scholarship
Matthews Respiratory Care Scholarship
K McGinnis/Headstart Scholarship
McGregor AgTech Scholarship Fund
Jennifer McLaughlin Scholarship
Social Services and Gerontology Program Scholarship
FW McMulkin Memorial Scholarship
Medical Lake Lions Club/Senior Meals Educational Scholarship
Modern Electric Scholarship
Judy Moody Morris OTA/PTA Scholarship Fund
Judy Moody Morris Respiratory Scholarship Fund
Mountain Dew Scholarship
Naomi Murphy Scholarship
Music Student Scholarship – SFCC
J Nau Memorial Scholarship
NAWBO-Inland Northwest Chapter Scholarship
Roy & Leona Nelson Foundation Scholarship
Northwest Farm Credit Services Veteran Scholarship
Numerica Heart of the Community Scholarship
Don Olson Scholarship (SCC & SFCC)
Helen Owen Health Science Scholarship
PACE/SEER Scholarship
Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance Scholarship
Painted Hills Men’s Club Scholarship Fund
C.V. Payne Memorial Scholarship
Jean Payne Scholarship
Pence Health Science Scholarship
Pend Oreille Valley Book Scholarship
PEO (Chapter DD) Sisterhood Scholarship
PEO (Chapter E) Scholarship
Pepsi-Cola Scholarship
Jerid Peterson Memorial Lineman Scholarship fund
Gerard H. Phan Scholarship/SFCC
Phillips 66 ELMT Scholarship
Physical Education Merit Scholarship
Physical Therapy Assistant Scholarship
Placement Testing Assistance (SFCC & SCC)
Tara Praeger Sims Memorial Scholarship
Pullman Center Scholarship Fund
Pullman Emergency Scholarship fund
Pullman Child Welfare Parent Aid Fund
Quillisascut Education Scholarship
Dave Rapp Memorial Vocational Scholarship
Red Lion Hotels Corporation Scholarship
Red Nations Student Association Scholarship Fund
Republic Center Book/Testing
Dorothy Revling Scholarship fund
L. Roach Scholarship
Rotaract Club of Spokane Scholarship
G.O. Roth Scholarship
St Lukes Alumni Association Scholarship
Mary Ann Sanger Academic Scholarship
Klaus Scherler Journalism Achievement Scholarship/SFCC
Don Schmick Scholarship
Wally Scroggie Memorial Scholarship
Selinger Career Transitions Scholarship
Gerri Shelton Softball Scholarship
J. Paul Shields Scholarship
Collin J Smith Leadership Award Scholarship
S. Smith Memorial Scholarship
Max Snyder Scholarship
Spokane Central Lions Club CCS Scholarship
Spokane Valley Career Technical Education Scholarship
Spokane Valley Fire Department Employees Scholarship
Spokane Young Professionals Scholarship
Richard and Susan Stannard Scholarship
J.W. Steele Memorial Scholarship
Charlotte Stenzel Memorial Scholarship Fund
H.F. Stevens Aviation Scholarship
Richard H. Stevenson Scholarship
Stevenson Family Scholarship Fund
Strever Family Stepping Up Scholarship
Study Abroad Scholarship
Swanson Family Scholarship
Jane Sutter Memorial Scholarship
Taylor Engineering, Inc. Scholarship
Opal & Pat Thompson Scholarship
Thrailkill Academic Work Scholarship
Tibetan Students Scholarship Fund
Tomich Scholarship
Touch The Future Scholarship
Touch the Future/American Honors College Scholarship
Alma Treede Scholarship
Trustees’ Scholarship Fund
Virtual Possibilities Network Scholarship
Wagstaff Scholarship
Washington Restaurant Association Scholarship
Water Resources Scholarship
WHCA/WCAL-Chapter 10 Nursing Scholarship
Virginia White Memorial ACT 2 Scholarship
Steve Willett Memorial Scholarship
Richard B. Williams Memorial Scholarship
Dale Wilson Scholarship
Wire Harp Prize Scholarship
Jeanne Abrams Wood Scholarship
Jed Zillmer Memorial Scholarship Fund

Program Support Funds

Accounting, SFCC
Art Department SFCC
Alumni Association
African American Graduation
Avista Center for Entrepreneurship
Bigfoot Booster Program Support
Cardiovascular Technician Support
Career Services Program Support
Center for Childcare and Family Learning
Center for Workforce & Continuing Education
Cisco Networking Academy Program Support
Culinary Arts Program Support
DEC Program Support
Dental Assisting Program Support
Exceptional Faculty Award
Saling Award for Excellence
Electronics Program Support Fund
Fluid Power Training Center
Food for Academic Functioning Program Support Fund
Gateway to College Program Support Fund
Gene Haas Foundation Machinist Program Support Fund
Geology Lecture Series
Hagan Center for the Humanities
Chris Hart Disability Awareness League
Headstart-ECEAP Program Support
Health and Environmental Sciences Program Support
Horticulture Program Support
HVAC/R Department
Inland Northwest Black and Brown Summit
Interpreter Training Program Support
Mukogawa Teaching Assistant Program Support
JP Morgan Chase Program Support Fund
Dr. Ferdinand & Dorothy Knechtel Health Science
Library of Things
Manufacturing & Engineering Program Support
Medical Imaging Core Curriculum Program
MGE Equipment (SCC & SFCC)
Mini-Grant Awards
Steven R. Morris Bequest
Orthotic & Prosthetic Continuing Ed
Pace Special Olympics Fund
Paralegal Program
Pepsi Program Support (SCC & SFCC)
POMP – Place of Most Potential Program Support
Pullman Center Program Support
Read-Right Families that Work
Red Nation’s Student Association
Respiratory Care
Reveler’s Fund SFCC
SCC Student Mental Health Center Program Support Fund
Senior Sail in Northern Counties
Tajima Family Peace and Justice Fund
Technology Project
Toyota Program Support
Workforce Continuing Ed Job Creation Fund
VCT Marketing
Veteran’s Resource Center SFCC Program Support
Visual Literacy Program Support Fund
Wardrobes for Success
Welty Faculty Fund
Wire Harp Lit Live! Program Support

Endowment Funds

AAUW (Spokane Branch) Scholarship Endowment
Chip Abrams Memorial Scholarship Endowment
AGC Civil Engineering Endowment
A. Nanny Mouse Endowment
Erik Anderson Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Avista Corporation Endowment
Robert V. Baker Scholarship Endowment
Lee & Gertie Banks Scholarship Endowment
Hector Boiardi Endowment
Chef Ray Delfino Memorial Scholarship Endowment
L.M. Dickson Endowment
Gary Douvia Scholarship Endowment Fund
Drama Scholarship Endowment/SFCC
Eikrem Endowment Fund
Electronics Endowment
Emerging Needs Endowment
Emerging Technology Endowment
Glenn E. Emmons Endowment
STCU and CCS Foundation Exceptional Faculty Endowment
Fluid Power Endowment
Fostering Excellence Scholarship Endowment
Garco Construction Endowment
Hagan Center for the Humanities Endowment
Mark & Lori Hall Endowment
Raymond & Lois Hanson Endowment
Dr Linda Sator Harrison MD Excellence in Education Endowment
Spencer Haugh Memorial Endowment
Lucinda Cox Higley Memorial Endowment
Melanie Johnson Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Dr. Walter S. Johnson Endowment
Kaiser Manufacturing & Technology Endowment
Diane J. Keller Celebration of Life Endowment
Kendall Scholarship Endowment
Ed Kiemle Memorial Endowment
Kiwanis (Spokane) Charities Scholarship Endowment
Dr. Ferdinand & Dorothy Knechtel Endowment
Charmaine Kolb ESL Endowment
Kowitz Endowment for Sustainability in Food & Farming
Jo Krogh Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Paul & Janet Lydig Endowment Fund
Jennifer McLaughlin Endowment
F.W. McMulkin Endowment
Naomi Murphy Scholarship Endowment
Music Student Endowment – SFCC
J. Nau Endowment
Don Olson Endowment
Helen Owen Endowment
Painted Hills Men’s Club Scholarship Endowment
C.V. Payne Endowment
Jean Payne Endowment
Pence Health Science Endowment
Dave Rapp Memorial Vocational Scholarship Endowment
Red Lion Hotels Corporation Endowment
Dorothy Revling Endowment
Rotaract Club of Spokane Endowment
St Lukes Nurs Alum Assn Endow
Saling Award for Excellence Endowment
Mary Ann Sanger Academic Endowment
Klaus Scherler Journalism Endowment
Don Schmick Scholarship Endowment
Wally Scroggie Memorial Endowment Fund
Selinger Career Transitions Endowment
SFCC Legacy Endowment
J. Paul Shields Endowment
George Sly Memorial -SVFD Scholarship Endowment
Collin J. Smith Leadership Award Endowment
Max Snyder Endowment
Walter J. Spangenberg Academic Scholarship Endowment
Richard and Susan Stannard Endowment
Stevenson Family Endowment Fund
Richard H. Stevenson Scholarship Endowment
Swanson Family Endowment
Embanet/John Thompson Endowment
Opal & Patrick Thompson Endowment
Lou and Margaret Thrailkill Endowment
Touch The Future Endowment
Alma Treede Endowment
Trustees’ Endowment
Washington Hospitality Association Endowment Fund
Welty Endowment for Systemic Development
Dale Wilson Endowment
Wire Harp Literature Live! Endowment
Witherspoon Kelley Endowment
Jeanne Abrams Wood Scholarship Endowment