beckybecky wortman, cream jewel

When Becky Wortman arrived at baking school at Community Colleges of Spokane in 2011, she knew two things: she had a passion for baking and she wanted to use her talents as an artist of edible items – and teach around the country and share what she has learned.

While her husband had worked in Alaska for the past several years, Becky had been a stay-at-home mom to two young girls. In 2011, she decided that she wanted to pursue her own career – she applied and was accepted to the Professional Baking program at SCC.

becky at workIn her second year, the students were required to compete in a cake competition in Seattle. Becky had seen the same cakes time and again – the traditional tiered wedding cakes with cascading flowers, drizzles and swirls and fondant. Becky wanted to win – and to win, she knew she would have to do something different. Teasing her, Harry Wibisono, an instructor in the baking program, pointed to 50lbs of lard. “Make something out of that,” he said. And so she did.

Becky’s first sculpture, delicately carved and shaped from the block of lard, won the State competition. Since that first sculpture, she has gone on to tours all over the country and her unique culinary art has been featured on Halloween Wars and placed in National Culinary and ACF competitions. In 2015, her sculptures placed 4th in the “dessert category” of the World Food Championship in Florida.

lionsculptureShe started her own company, Cream Jewel, in 2014 and regularly travels around the country to different events and even personal parties to build centerpieces or edible sculptures with her passion and talent for sculpting in this unique medium.

Additionally, Becky has also begun making cheese sculptures and regularly donates her sculptures to non-profit auctions and other causes she believes in. She believes firmly in giving back to her community and has returned to SCC to work with current baking students. Thank you, Becky!

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