I grew up in a family-owned, small business environment. My father runs an industrial electronics machine tool repair company and I grew up in the trade. From a young age he taught me to work hard and how to troubleshoot and repair electronics. At age 16, while attending academy my friends introduced me to amateur radio, and since then, radios have been my passion.  While still in high school, I was working towards the goal of attaining my amateur radio license, when I was in a motorcycle accident and broke both bones in my ankle and dislocated my shoulder, among other injuries. After surgery and three days in the hospital, I only had a few days left to study for the final radio license exam. Despite still being on crutches and medication, I made it down to the testing site and passed the examination. I was so excited to finally have the highest amateur radio license and be able to share my passion for radios with others by serving as a volunteer examiner and helping others prepare to take their tests.

In addition to maintaining my amateur radio license, I am currently in the electronics program at SCC, working towards an Associate of Applied Science degree in electronics technology.  After SCC I plan to get my electrical license and equipment repair specialty license.  Spending my time the last few years increasing my knowledge of radio transmitters and receivers has taught me a lot about electronics and life. I have learned valuable studying techniques and my grades have benefited. I have had many internships and job offers in the broadcasting world because of my experience with radios, towers, and antennas. I am fascinated with electronics and have learned that how I spend my time is directly related to my success and I am excited to graduate soon and be able to put all this knowledge and experience to work!

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