diana chubenko

From the first day I stepped on American soil seven years ago, one of my biggest dreams has been to be the first one in my family to graduate from college. However, my journey has not been easy.

I am not eligible for any financial aid because my family and I are immigrants from the Ukraine, and last year, my husband was out of work for eight months.  On top of that, raising a child and going to school is not only expensive but also challenging.  Luckily, in class one day, one of my professors mentioned the deadline for the CCS foundation scholarships.  I never even considered applying, because I was positive that my immigration status would disqualify me like it did for the government-sponsored financial aid. But at that moment, something spurred inside of me.  I came home, did my research, and found out that I was eligible.  I applied and waited, hoping for a miracle.

I cannot describe the joy and relief my family experienced when we found out that my entire tuition for the 2016/2017 academic year was covered. I remember this indescribable joy I felt as the fall quarter was approaching and finally did not have to worry about finances.  One of the biggest life lessons I learned from this experience is that if a person has a dream, no matter what his or her circumstances look like, God can make a way, where there is no way.

My goal is to complete the SCC Nursing Program then go on to Washington State University for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  After I graduate, my desire is to work with cancer patients. I have a special place in my heart for those who are battling this horrible disease, because I lost my mother to breast cancer when I was four years old.  I just finished my first quarter of nursing school and I love it!  In addition to my educational goals, I also have missionary aspirations I am eager to achieve.  One of them is to be able to go on missionary trips to third world countries, as a Registered Nurse, and be able to serve people in need with my skills and knowledge.

Words cannot describe how grateful we are for your financial contribution.  Receiving this scholarship was a miracle and a dream come true, and I look forward to when I can give back and be the donor.  With this scholarship, the Foundation is helping me achieve my goals and dreams.

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