I am a single mom of 6 children and was homeless for three years after fleeing an abusive relationship.  After we got away, I went through rehab program to try to get my life back on track, and I realized that my passion for cars could be a way to provide a safe, secure future for my family.  Instead of continuing to take apart my life, I decided to invest that energy in taking apart cars instead.

After having to move a couple of times, we finally found safe, stable housing in Spokane, and I started classes in the Automotive Technology program at SCC.  Since then, I have worked hard to balance school and family, but I’m proud that I’ve maintained a 3.3 GP and have been on the school honor roll every quarter!  Unfortunately, this year during the summer quarter, I wasn’t eligible for Pell Grant funding, and I had exhausted my student loans.  Thanks to the Foundation, though, I was able to get a scholarship to help me stay in school.

Now, I am about to graduate and am considering enrolling in the Avista Entrepreneurship Program at SCC to help me open my own business.  I want to give back some of the gifts that I’ve gotten, and having my own business will help me provide services to low-income families and also be able to give employment chances to at-risk youth.  While every day is still a challenge, I’m determined to keep trying and not let anything get in my way!

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