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We Make Potential Possible


When our students arrive at SCC and SFCC, they're ready for what's next. Whether it's the first step or the next step in their dream, they know that furthering their education can only help. 

Our work is supporting students as they take those steps. We provide the scholarships that make their education possible, emergency support when life gets in the way of their goals, and support for each CCS program so that they get a competitive, quality education.

It's more than just financial support; our Foundation community provides encouragement. We see our students' potential and help them make that potential possible.


Learn about our journey to discovering our new mission, values, and scholarship philosophy below!

SFCC students

The Heart of the Matter

A lot has changed in the last few years, and the Foundation has changed with it. We've learned how to quickly adapt to our students' needs. You've seen us build new pantries, start funding for student parents, and open new scholarships. Whenever we see a need, we turn our attention to a solution.

That's what we do: support our students. And our community has become well-versed in how we do that work: through scholarships, emergency aid, and program support. But in an ever-changing world, it's important to find center. To find the heart of our work. To remember why we do what we do.

Eight people - from Board members to CCS employees to dedicated donors to Foundation staff members - spent two months answering this question.

And it was a powerful conversation. Our supporters feel called to our work. They relate to our students and see the impact of their support. 

It became very clear that our supporters have a set of shared values that connects them to our work. Every person spoke to each of these values in some way. So we wrote them down to use as guideposts for our work.

From here on out, every project will speak to these values.

Take a look out the outline of each below. As a member of our community, we're sure that they'll speak to why you support the CCS Foundation as well.

Our mission is our promise
Our values are our heart

Our scholarship philosophy is the essence of our work


Our Mission

We make potential possible


At the CCS Foundation, we believe in:


First and foremost, we believe in the inherent worth and potential of all people – even those who do not yet fully believe in themselves.


We believe everyone deserves an education. When students are ready to take a chance, they will find the encouragement, support, and means to discover, nurture, and realize their full potential.


While all people have equal worth, not all have ample access to the resources they need to reach their potential. We are committed to providing the personalized support our students need to pursue their goals and aspirations.


We believe in the power of education. When we encounter an obstacle or barrier to a student’s success, we assemble a team to overcome it. We are dedicated and don’t give up.


When we invest in students, they transform and are able to provide meaningful contributions to their communities. In turn, vibrant communities are able to invest in more students.


Our Scholarship Philosophy 

We see fundraising as a way to create equity, fairness, and opportunity in our community. We don’t consider giving as an act of charity, but rather as a means for access. We start by discovering what barriers exist to our students’ education, and then we partner with donors to direct funds to meet the greatest needs.

We're one of the first colleges to create a scholarship philosophy!

Showcasing our dedication to equity and access, this philosophy captures the essence of our work and will help us develop our scholarships for years to come.