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$500,000 Gift Will Support More Than 100 Students


The lives of over 100 CCS students are about to change forever.


The CCS Foundation believes that every student deserves access to a quality, affordable education. Our generous donors provide that access through emergency aid and student scholarships. Last year alone, Foundation donors provided over $437,000 in scholarship awards and emergency support to CCS students.

Five students outside of SFCCRecently, we learned of a gift that it going to make a positive impact on our students lives for the next five years.

The Krumble Foundation has donated $500,000 for Spokane and Spokane Falls Community Colleges student scholarships. This donation will provide $4,000 awards to more than 100 students over the life of the gift.

“The ripple effect that will be felt throughout our community as a result of these scholarships will be immeasurable,” Sharon Robertson, CCS Foundation Donor Relations Manager, said. “These students will have the opportunity to earn a college education and move into meaningful employment. We are proud to partner with the Krumble Foundation to boost educational opportunities for CCS students.”

The Krumble Foundation Scholarship is for students attending programs that are in high demand, that have a significant amount of jobs available, and where students with these degrees have a high chance of success and of changing their lives for the better. Eligible programs include SFCC’s Physical Therapy Assistant program and SCC’s Nursing program. A full list of programs can be found on our Scholarship Index (just search for the Krumble Foundation Scholarship!). Applications will open during our summer scholarship period, from August 17-28.

Formed in 2019 primarily to support education, the Krumble Foundation is a Spokane charitable organization founded and managed by Burke and Muriel Blevins. The Blevins started the Krumble Foundation because they had a vision of helping students reach their full potential in college by removing the financial challenges that often arise while getting an education.
Outside of campus
“When we had our business, we used employment as a way to help individuals and our community prosper,” Burke Blevins said. “Now that we no longer have the business, we have established the Krumble Foundation to help the Spokane community by supporting motivated individuals in need as they complete their education and improve their earning power.”

We are proud to partner with the Krumble Foundation in their work to assist students with limited resources as they obtain a college education.

Read about the donation further in this Spokesman-Review article!

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7/27/2020 2:30:24 PM

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Leah Butterwick


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