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Sasquatch Celebrity - Jennifer Miller


Meet Jennifer, one of our Sasquatch Celebrities!

Jennifer's photo in the Sasquatch Celebrity borderMy name is Jennifer Leone Miller, and it is my honor to serve as a Spokane Community College library technician on the Colville Center campus. I am working on my seventh year in this position. During COVID, the Foundation created an impressive video announcement about the history of the CCS Foundation and how it serves CCS students, and I learned that I could make a regular donation to the cause and have it automatically deducted from my paycheck. This is a great way for me to give back and to be of service to CCS students that reaches beyond my official job description. 
I currently donate to the Impact Fund because I know firsthand the dizzying number of special circumstances that can arise along a journey into and through higher education - emergencies that can potentially derail a student’s ability to move forward. Seeking higher ed for oneself is grueling, arduous, and expensive by nature, but every single student enrolled has chosen school to uplift their futures and they are each fighting for their chance at a better life. The Impact Fund is a way to directly offer students a supportive hand during times of crisis that can act as a safety net and be the difference between losing a student or retaining one. 
Jennifer's artworkIn my free time, I am a free-lance paper artist, specializing in making paper flowers that mirror the incredible artistry of Mother Nature. I am an avid gardener and as a life goal, I am creating an arboretum on my 80-acres in Northern Stevens County. I lead a life today that I could never have envisioned for myself, and my own education was the key to entry into a profession in higher ed. My automatic payroll deduction to the Foundation is a direct way for me to pay my own good fortune forward. 


Sasquatch Celebrity is a monthly feature that introduces the CCS staff who support the CCS Foundation's students and programs.

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9/7/2023 2:24:19 PM

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Leah Welki


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