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The Power of a Single Moment


“It only takes a single moment for your life to be forever changed.”

When Whitney Throgmorton woke up on one Saturday morning in the summer of 2007, she went for a bike ride. And that bike ride would change everything.
One moment she was enjoying the sunshine and birdsong on the trail; the next moment she was in an ambulance. 
“I was confused, unsure of where I was or how I had gotten there.  I was instructed not to move due to my unknown injuries, that I was in an ambulance, and on my way to the nearest hospital,” Whitney said. 
That single moment didn’t just change Whitney’s life as she recovered; it also changed her mindset.
“I now live each day to its fullest.”
She raises 12 chickens now, along with lizard, frogs, and a little dog named Marlie. She hikes, jet skis, snow skis, and enjoys her family and hobbies. And last year, she moved to Spokane to finish achieving her dream of working in an operating room.
“I am currently studying to become a Surgical Technologist at Spokane Community College,” Whitney explained.  She just finished her summer quarter, which means she only has one quarter left before she graduates in December. 
 Whitney's chicken
Always having been fascinated by surgeries, Whitney appreciates that her SCC program, prepares her not only to be involved with the surgeons, but to also learn all of the instruments needed for each type of surgery. She’s also learned “how to properly handle the instruments, what it means to be truly sterile for different procedures, how to properly handle organs and specimens and so much more!”
Whitney has been a medical assistant for the last eight years and has loved her time with patients. After wanting to take a further step in their care, she started SCC’s accelerated summer start program in Surgical Technology so that she can start her career sooner. Her dream career is to work on an Orthopedic OR Surgical Team. She hopes to stay in Spokane, and to one day give back to students at CCS.
To stay motivated in this accelerated program, she thinks about her dream of making a difference in patients’ lives. The LaSalle Family Scholarship she received has also helped her stay focused on her studies and goals. 
“[Having] to pay my own way for school and living expenses has been a huge burden.  This aid […] meant that I was able to continue my education and can now graduate with my class in December,” Whitney said.
She also talked about how a scholarship is more than just a tangible gift of financial support. As Whitney put it, “a scholarship is a generous gift from a person or group who believes in you.  They see your drive and determination and have faith in you.”
It only takes a single moment for your life to be forever changed.

That single moment for many students is the scholarship or emergency support they receive from our donors. Join us in making potential possible for our students like Whitney and donate today.

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10/17/2023 11:30:46 AM

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Leah Welki


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