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Downtown SPokane at dawn - aerial shot Downtown SPokane at dawn - aerial shot

A Day in the Life of the Foundation Team


Hi all, it’s your neighborhood Grants and Communications Manager here! 
LeahIt’s not every day I get to come out from behind my Word document and say hello to you all. My name is Leah Welki, and today I’m taking you on a tour of A Day at the Foundation.
We’re great at sharing our mission and our students’ stories. But we thought it might be fun, in this Month of Gratitude, to share how we get our work done every day.
Our day started as it does every day: with a round of good mornings across the team.
Then everyone headed their separate ways! Today’s tasks included:

  • Assisting our IT team with their hiring committee

  • Heading to SCC to give some newsletters to the student featured in them (thanks again, Whitney!)

  • Meetings for Board Relations

  • Meetings for our Strategic Plan KPI dashboard

  • Heading to the Adult Education Center to support a project for students there

  • Heading to SFCC for the Veteran’s Day celebration 

  • Prepping for a large mailing heading out in the coming weeks


FlagsVeteran display

Katelyn and IT teamSCC Health Sciences Bldg

This is all on top of emails, messages, phone calls, and other work that gets done every day in our office. 
It’s a busy time for us, but the work is so rewarding. We love getting to partner with all of you – our donors, employee and community partners, and students. 
Thank you for all you do to make potential possible!

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11/9/2023 6:00:33 PM

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Leah Welki



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