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Get to Know Michael Smothers


The Go-To Guy


MichaelOur Sasquatch Soiree guests may remember Michael Smothers, a Welder who graduated from Spokane Community College.
We reconnected with Michael this year because of a recommendation from his supervisors and the Senior Director of Operations at Metals Fabrication Company, where Michael works. 
Michael is doing so well at Metals Fab. Co. that a Shop Foreman and two Supervisors sat with our team for an interview with Michael. 
Michael Hammond, Shop Foreman, said that Michael learns “extremely quickly” and learns something new every day.
“He strives for excellence in everything he does,” Hammond said. He called Michael a top welder and a mentor to others, who embodies the cornerstone traits of the organization, like accountability and efficiency.
Joshua Israel and Kurt Fromm, Material Supervisors, agreed. In fact, they called him the go-to guy for work. 
“He shines here,” Israel said. 
It’s not every person who gets this kind of praise on the job. That’s one of the things that makes Michael so special. When asked about it, Michael said he’s humbled by it and by the supportive environment he works in. 
“I’ve never worked for a company like this before, one that really cares about their employees.”
He often works six days a week, and even volunteers with his team when they do their annual Centennial Trail clean-up. 
He credits SCC for his welding certification and for teaching him the foundation of his trade. He’s learning even more skills on the job and hopes to become a Certified Welding Inspector after a few more years of work. 
“It’ll open more doors for me,” he explained. 
It’s clear from talking to Michael that he’ll achieve this dream. His supervisors see his potential too, stating that whatever Michael wants to do, they know he’ll accomplish it. 
“It doesn’t matter the task, [Michael’s] going to give it a 100% from start to finish and you’re going to be happy with the product,” Hammond explained.

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1/31/2024 10:51:44 AM

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Leah Welki


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