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Kathy Pearson, our Board Sasquatch Celebrity


Kathy Pearson is our Board of Director's President and our fall Board Sasquatch Celebrity!

Kathy in the Sasquatch Celebrity bannerWhat CCS Foundation program or scholarship do you support and why? 
I support the program that is deemed the “area of greatest need." I do this because I believe our Foundation staff have an in-depth understanding of current needs and issues that students are facing and these current areas of “greatest need” can often times create barriers that prevent students from being able to stay in class and move forward in their academic program. It’s important to me that my gift to the Foundation can be used in such a way to help remove current barriers for students. 

Why do you choose to donate to the Foundation?
I believe that education is a great equalizer and that members of our communities should all have access to quality education. I know that by giving to the Foundation it helps our region to give access and support to students. This, in turn, gives students the opportunity to pursue an education which helps not only the individual student but also our community as a whole! 

Fun Fact: What is one hobby you’ve always wanted to try? 
I would like to learn to paint—acrylics and watercolor for certain. And maybe a little oil painting, too. 

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10/19/2023 11:34:55 AM

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Leah Welki


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