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Jim Allen, January's Board Sasquatch Celebrity


Meet Jim Allen, our first Board Sasquatch Celebrity of 2024!

Jim AllenWhat project do you support at the Foundation?
I support all scholarship programs including the unrestricted fund which provides great flexibility to meet the emergency needs of students. Keeping students in school if they show the desire for an education is critical. Providing support to community college programs that improve students' quality of education is also important to me. 


What inspires you to support the Foundation?
We make potential possible! What a great mission or goal of a Foundation who provides scholarships to community college students. The Foundation provides scholarships to reduce the cost of a community college student’s education including tuition, costs of living and other financial emergencies our students face.

Secondly, the Foundation works hard to provide great information to potential donors, including myself. The Foundation provides appropriate reasons to donate to the Foundation. This gives donors great opportunities to give back to our community.

Lastly the Foundation is blessed with great leadership and staff that believe in their purpose for existing. This is the type of organization I want to support.

Fun fact: Where's one place you'd love to visit if you have the chance?
I would like to travel to Norway! There are three primary reasons. The most important is learning family history, given my grandfather immigrated to the United States in the early 1900’s. He left six siblings in Norway. I have had some contact with second cousins but a personal trip would allow us to strengthen our relationship. Secondly the beauty of Norway including the Fiords is breathtaking. Lastly the history including being dominated by Denmark and Switzerland until the early 1900’s is fascinating and I would enjoy learning more.

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1/29/2024 4:42:42 PM

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Leah Welki


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