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40 Students Supported by North Monroe Businesses!


Team outside AECOur community may remember that the Foundation has recently taken over stocking and staffing the student pantry at the Adult Education Center on Monroe Street. Recently, we received some amazing support in donations from the North Monroe Business District!

"I brought it up at our Planning Retreat, and Gene was the one who made a motion to donate $300.00 worth of food to the pantry.  He is now retired and he offered to make the purchase using the list [the Foundation] gave us," said Gina Campbell, North Monroe Bussines District Board Chair. 
North Monroe Business District's mission is to create an identity around and foster a thriving business district on North Monroe that excites the residents of Spokane, unites their voice within the City, and promotes the growth of their business members.  They have a long history of supporting CCS students. And they promote networking of their members with each other, promote events of their membership and generally serve as "cheerleaders for the best neighborhood and business district in the City!"

Team at AECThe donation stocked the shelves for two weeks of pantry days. Melissa McNabb, Building Manager for the Adult Education Center, shared the immediate impact of this donation.

"This food will serve approximately 40 students," Melissa said. 

That's 40 students who had food to take home with them for the weekend!

CCS students and and the staff at the Foundation and Adult Education Center greatly appreciate the generosity of the North Monroe board and business members for their donation of food. Thank you for making potential possible!

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2/29/2024 2:15:00 PM

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Leah Welki


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