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How We Help

When our community thinks of the Foundation, they think of scholarships. And while that is a big piece of our work, we also support CCS's 20,000 students through emergency aid and provide program support to the 120+ programs at both colleges. 

Learn more about our projects below, and explore SCC and SFCC's websites for more information on their work.

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Emergency Aid

Program Support

The Foundation has 100+ scholarships that students can apply for each year. These scholarships aren't a loan; they're aid that doesn't ever need to be repaid.

Our students face barriers to their education like child care ecosts, student fees, and emergency situations. Each week, we review applications to cover these costs so students can focus on school.

CCS has 120+ programs across our 12,302 square-mile district. Each year, we our donors provide hundreds of thousands of dolalrs to keep these programs competitive.


Want to learn about the impact of our work? There's no one who shows it better than our students and alumni! 

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Martina Gallo


Whitney Throgmorton


Jon Heimbigner

Martina is going to use her AA to become an architect. Her degree and imagination will make the world a better place.


Whitney didn't let her worst day ruin her life. She let it inspire her to change her life.


Jon was a part of the first graduating class at SFCC. His daughter and now grandson followed in his footsteps

Help Us Make Potential Possible

Our Strategic Plan goal is to more than double our impact by providing direct support to 7,500 unique students each year.

Upcoming Events

From on-campus events to our spring Soiree, our events are a great opportunitiy to interact with our students and help us make a impact on their lives.

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Sasquatch Soiree

Join us for our annual Sasquatch Soiree, a spring event celebrating our talented CCS students!

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Applying for Scholarships Presentations

Whether you're new to applying for Foundation scholarships or just want to learn about how to better build your application, our Scholarship Presentations are perfect for you!