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Goblins; text "the problems of goblins"

The Problems of Goblins

By Kemuel DeMoville

Three college students (Pinecone, Olallieberry, and Jus Butter) who are taking a cryptozoology course have discovered a hoard of goblins at SFCC and they want to protect them. They have seen someone wandering around campus who they think is a goblin hunter (Lâcher desVents). When humans are near, goblins transform into natural objects to protect themselves, but if the goblin is too focused on a problem, they aren’t able to transform. The cryptozoology students and their audience helpers need to help the goblins solve their problems before the suspected goblin hunter finds them. They have to be quiet and careful though, because sometimes goblin magic makes people do silly, cheeky, or naughty things!

We need children between the ages of 3-5 to help solve these goblin’s problems, but the show is tons of fun for the whole family!


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