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Mini-Grants applications are due November 19, 2021.

Faculty, students and staff from across the district are encouraged to submit applications!

In 2006, we launched a program to fund new and innovative projects that aren’t able to be financially supported by the colleges. Since then, we have funded 147 Mini-Grant projects for a total of $225,183!

Have a great idea that would enhance student learning or have a positive impact on the CCS community? Let us know!

Mini-Grant applications are due by November 19, 2021, with funds to be spent prior to June 30 of the school year. Mini-Grants generally range from $250 – $2,500.

Ready to Apply?

Our Mini-Grant Application Guidelines and Form can be found here.  Use this Budget Template to complete your application!

Learn More

Curious about how the Mini-Grant Committee evaluates your application? Download the Mini-Grant Scorecard.

To make your application as successful as possible, we encourage you to take a look at these examples of previous Mini-Grant applications that were funded.  They should answer most of your questions about formatting and the type of details we’re looking for in your application.

Igneous Geochemistry Example      GED Test Prep Example


What is the purpose of a Mini-Grant?

Mini-Grants fund projects that demonstrate support of the student learning process, resulting in a positive impact on the college community, and cannot be financially supported by the colleges. Projects that directly impact the most number of students will receive priority.

How much is a Mini-Grant award?

Mini-Grants are generally between $250 and $2,500 (although the Mini-Grants Committee may elect to award a higher or lower amount at any time).

When is the Mini-Grants Award cycle?

Mini-Grants are due each fall, with the selection process taking place in December/January. Funds are available immediately upon award selection and must be used by June 30 of the fiscal year in which they are given.

Are Mini-Grants awarded for faculty salaries?

No grant monies are available for staff and faculty salaries, except stipends or replacement costs for a one-time project or short-term funding. If requesting a stipend, please contact the Budget and Finance office to determine the amount needed to be included in the proposed budget to pay for benefits for your individual employee classification.  The Foundation is not responsible for any expenses that exceed the amount approved.

Still have questions?  Contact the Foundation at at 509-434-5123. Good luck!